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Like Me, Like Me Not, LIKE ME!

We see you, plucking daisy petals and ruminating about whether your latest ad campaign will stir up some attention. “Will they like me, will they like me not?” Junior, put the flower down! AdGent Digital’s D:30 now has a social media button feature that will help you increase audience engagement and track it too.

Imagine this message popping up in your inbox: “Your video has 10,000 Likes on Facebook”. For those who’ve created the ultimate, hilarious, attention-grabbing, poignant video or ad, and then seen the Interweb’s interest in it fizzle and fade, it’s time to think about how social media plays a part in generating popularity and sales. With AdGent Digital’s D:30 capabilities, we bet you can attain those 10,000 Likes and then some!

The D:30 video platform inserts a 15-30 second television ad between Web site page loads.  D:30 has some amazing and useful features, including its ability to target audiences so that your video is relevant to the search term or pages visited. Branding spots utilizing the D:30 are measureable in terms of reach and engagement. And social media links can be added to your video.

Some may hesitate to stick social media buttons all over their ads. Implementing the ubiquitous “Like” button of Facebook may seem, like, so overdone. However, traffic numbers don’t lie. The increased traffic thanks to social networking Web sites can be game changing for a brand. published an article featuring data from Facebook on the results of implementing the “Like” button. Yes, Facebook is self-reporting, but other sources can back up findings like these: “The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300% increase in referral traffic.” According to Facebook, “Levi’s saw a 40 times increase in referral traffic from Facebook after implementing the Like button in April 2010,” and, Amercan Eagle, ShoeDazzle all report similarly incredible success rates. Ticketmaster and Eventbrite report that links to events shared on Facebook are directly tied to a rise in specific dollar amounts in ticket sales.

This June, stop picking your neighbor’s daisies and playing existential games with yourself. Turn your attentions elsewhere and consider launching your ads utilizing our D:30  video platform. And don’t forget to add those social media buttons! They pay off. Like, for real.

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